"I had never heard such clarity and robust sound in my life. I couldn't stop listening to the music. I've never written a review for any audio equipment or audio company, but these speakers moved my soul!"

 - Paul P., Yelp Elite 

"The Rembrandt Speakers outperform speakers I have heard that cost well into 5 figures. There is no way you can experience this without listening to Rembrandts in person and the best way to do that is in the comfort of your own home or studio."
- Bill, Google Review

"Hearing is the experience. It's like listening to your music the first time. It brings the joy of listening to music back. Words cannot say or explain the sound. You have to hear it to believe it. Truly an incredible experience. I say this because when you listen to your music on a pair of these units you are transported there. When you close your eyes you can even feel the atmosphere of the venue as if it's a live recording. A truly immersive listing experience."

- Matthew, Musician Review

"I love these speakers! It felt like the musicians were right in the room with you. I never knew what high-end audio sounds like. Now I do. Wow, in Spades! You have to hear these speakers for yourself to appreciate them."

- Patrick, Facebook Review

The Most Immersive Sound You’ll Ever Experience

Imagine closing your eyes and discovering there were tones in your favorite Vivaldi sonata you’ve never heard before. Or hearing the distinct yet subtle touches of your favorite piano player. Or even hearing the almost-undetectable emotional undertones a star actress puts into her most passionate moment in your favorite film.

Most people will go their entire lives without ever truly experiencing the sound from their favorite media. But with the Rembrandt Model V, you have a rare opportunity to experience emotions that, until now, no technology could give you.

Next Generation Technology Redefines Sound Production

No other speaker can match the one-of-a-kind sound engineering that birthed the Model V. From our Distributed Mode Planar Transducer to our Helmholtz chamber, the Model V contains pioneering technology that will forever change the way you think about speakers

The result is a vibrant, unrestricted soundwave that perfectly recreates the subtle details that takes a performance from “good” to “unmissable”. The kind of performance that brings tears to your eyes, gets you to your feet in excitement, and takes you back to the moment when you first heard that song.

In fact, the Model V is so versatile it can be placed almost anywhere in the room, on any surface, without compromising sound quality. Put it on glass, wood, carpet, it doesn’t matter – the Helmholtz Chamber and transducer disk ensure the Model V fills the room with rich, detailed sound production where other speakers let you down.

A True Icon of Modern Design

Good taste may be hard to define, but when your friends see your Rembrandt Model V, they’ll know you have it. It makes the perfect conversation piece and positions you as an elite collector – not just of art, but priceless experiences.

That’s why the Model V is uniquely designed not just to sound incredible, but to look great, too. The stained poplar tone wood matches any décor, from classic to modern. And due to the Model V’s surprisingly small size, it’s easy to place next to your TV or above your mantle, allowing it to complement the room instead of dominating it.

Plus, since the cabinet is hand-made and the speaker assembled by craftsmen here in southern California, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your Rembrandt Model V will last for decades.

Huge Sound, No Distortion

Nothing’s worse than cranking up your speaker volume only to be assaulted by muddy acoustics and uneven tone. But with the Rembrandt Model V, you can turn it up loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood without losing a single bit of the precision sound that turns every piece of music you play into a multi-sensory experience.

Our speaker gives you a massive 100db of room-filling sound while staying at under 0.1% THD (total harmonic distortion) over the full range of the speaker. And with a +35db amplifier, you can even fill your entire house with stunningly clear sound using just a smart phone, iPod or MP3 player.

Tech Specs:

Size: “17.2” wide x 11.9” deep x 15.6” high

Weight: 21.8 pounds

Power: 120-220 volts AC , 50-60 Hz,

Input: RCA Left Channel, RCA Right Channel, TRS 3.5mm

Frequency Range: 35Hz to 20K Hz

Amplifier Fidelity: 0.1% THD

Audio SPL: 100dB at 1 meter Sine Source RTA
(measured by TEF25 using TEF04 calibrated linear microphone). 

Solid Tone Wood Cabinet: Hand Crafted from ¾ inch solid Tone Wood (Tulip Poplar) also used to build violins and cellos

Uses a special “cross grain construction” method (found in very high end cabinets) to further enhance its acoustic quality and damping.
Substantial internal bracing to form a very rigid structure
Multiple internal tuned resonate chambers .

“Plug and Play” built in amplifier, just plug in your smart phone to play music.

Advanced Speaker Element: “Distributed Mode” wide bandwidth driver uses ‘bending wave” physics principles to provide high fidelity sound distributed in a coherent pattern. The internal resonance chamber in the cabinet is custom designed to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the bi-polar back energy of the Distributed Mode flat disk.

Advanced Cabinet Design: The “No Parallel Walls” design of our cabinet helps avoid the “standing wave distortion” so prevalent in square box speaker designs. The tilted wall design is inherently functional and advantageous from physics and acoustics principles.


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